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Church Office   (901) 683-3521
After Hours      (901) 542-2570

Organizational Chart

Senior Minister


Dr. Shane Stanford
  Senior Pastor    
Dr. Maxie Dunnam
  Pastor Emeritus &
Director of Christ Church Global
Anita Jones   Ministry Assistant   ext. 2136

Executive Pastor

Rev. Scott Lees
  Executive Pastor/Chief Ministry Officer
Laura Greenwell
  Ministry Assistant
  ext. 2133

Serving & Outreach

Bob Whitsitt
  Executive Director, Serving & Outreach (Global)
  ext. 2399 
Nathan Brasfield    Serving & Outreach (Local)    ext. 2336  
Jan Averwater
  Director, Athletics 
  ext. 2169
Jared Woodruff        ext. 2257 

Worship Arts

Bo Parker    Executive Director, Worship Arts     
Matt McCleskey    Worship Arts Associate    ext. 2118 
Traditional Worship
Perry Redfearn
  Worship Leader
  ext. 2120
The Table
Tom Fuerst
  Lead Pastor at The Table
  ext. 2148 
Ty Garvey    Worship Leader     

Community Life

Tom Fuerst    Associate Director of Community Life    ext. 2148 
Jessie Teegarden    Director of Early Childhood/Elementary    ext. 2139 
Danny Shivers    Director of Older Elementary    ext. 2168 
Mary Kate Steele    Nursery/Preschool Coordinator     
Krista Wilford     Ministry Assistant   ext. 2104 
Mackay Lee   Middle School   ext. 2172
Mike Fitzpatrick    High School    ext. 2170 
Sara Stanton    Girls    ext. 2174 
Beth Gillock
  Girls   ext. 2151 
Michael Bowman    Guys    ext. 2365 
Ty Garvey
  Worship & Creative Arts
  ext. 2137 
College & Young Adults         
Corey Latta    Director    ext. 2131 
Men, Women
Ashley Parks
  Ministry Assistant
  ext. 2153
Special Needs Ministry
Ashley Parks
  ext. 2153
Community Life Groups  
Ginger Holland   Coordinator   ext. 2186
Christ College  
Tom Fuerst    Associate Teaching Pastor    ext. 2148 

Congregational Care

Rev. Emily S. Matheny
  Executive Director, Congregational Care
Rev. Chris Carter
  Assistant Director, Congregational Care
Dallas Pfeiffer    Congregational Care Associate    ext. 2109 
Lisa Weatherford
  Ministry Assistant
  ext. 2106
Pastoral Care
Rev. Pat Roseberry   Pastor   ext. 2106
Lisa Weatherford   Ministry Assistant   ext. 2106
Senior Adults
Ashley Parks
  Ministry Assistant
  ext. 2153


Karen Goff
  Executive Director of Operations &
Chief Financial Officer 
Shirley Sankey   Ministry Assistant   ext. 2341
Jo Ellen Druelinger   Director   ext. 2129
Denice Hampton   Graphic Design   ext. 2185
Mary Chancellor
  Graphic Design
  ext. 2331
Sarah Phelan   Web Coordinator   ext. 2386
Steve Pearl   Director   ext. 2175
Martha Hector   Facilities Manager   ext. 2344
Debbie Jarrett   Accounts Payable   ext. 2142
Jan Ferguson    Accounting Specialist    ext. 2337 
Food Services  
Debbie Adams   Director   ext. 2122
Sharon Mullins        
Carla Mitchell
Betty Anderson       ext. 2100
Tech Support  
Chris Williamson    Director of Technical Media   ext. 2152 
Matt Ison   Engineer/Tech
  ext. 2145
Andrew Medina
  ext. 2164

Christ Church Global

Dr. Maxie Dunnam
  Executive Director, CC Global
Mike Weaver
  CC Global Coordinator 

Christ Methodist
Day School


Bryan Williams
Mary Ann Weaver   CMDS Secretary   683-6873
Marilyn Sheron   Daycare Director   683-3926
Kim Clanton   Nursery Supervisor   ext. 2110

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