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Each month, this page will show Christ Church's focus on a different partner around the city! Read below for information about this month's partner and ways to serve!

Room in the Inn Memphis

Each winter, 37,000 people experiencing homelessness die. Many of these die due to lack of adequate shelter in the face of extremely cold temperatures. Each night, hundreds of churches in Memphis are warm but empty.

Room in the Inn desires to address that need by working with churches around the city to open up their doors to provide emergency shelter and meals for twelve to fifteen guests during the coldest months of the year (November through March). The ministry partners with several churches around the city, and are embarking on their seventh year in Memphis!

Christ Church partners specifically with Colonial Presbyterian Church to host residents with Room in the Inn on the Second Wednesday of the month. There are numerous ways to use your gifts to give back to those that need it most!

Ways to Serve

Driver and Copilot: Drive or ride along in Christ Church's mini-bus as it goes downtown to pick up the residents from Room in the Inn for the night and then returns them back the next morning.

Bed Preparation: Two or three people are needed to prepare the site of the arrival of the residents each Wednesday. Central to this task will be making the beds that the residents sleep in.

Dinner Volunteers: Come and spend dinner with the group on Wednesday Night! Volunteers may assist in the actual serving, table hospitality, or spend relational time with the residents.

Clothes Closet and Shower Monitor: Help to time the residents in the shower and oversee the time of night when they may visit the clothes closet. Volunteers will also help in organizing the closet as needed.

Overnight Volunteers: These volunteers will stay overnight with the residents, meeting any needs as necessary.

Next Morning Clean Up: After the residents leave, volunteers will help restore back to its clean and ready for guests to arrive state! This includes cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom.

Laundry: Help with the laundry of sheets following the residents' stay at the church.

Get Going

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