Community Life

What is Community Life?

The Vision

The vision of Community Life is to connect all people who call Christ Church their home to a Community Life Group (Sunday school, small group, adult Bible studies and mentoring relationship), so they can be equipped to become disciple-makers in their home, neighborhood, workplace and city.

The Strategy

There are three aspects to our Community Life strategy. Each aspect reflects the different stages Jesus’ disciples experienced as they became disciple-makers.
  • Engage Curious Disciples:

Through seminars and conferences, we introduce the Gospel and encourage participants to take another step of faith so they might connect to a Community Life Group.

  • Equip Convinced Disciples:

Once in a Community Life Group, we want to move people through a spiritual growth process. The process starts with learning the Gospel through participation in a Sunday school class, then moves to contributing to the covenant community in a small group, and ultimately to being equipped for a disciple-making as a lifestyle in Christ College.

  • Empower Committed Disciples:

We provide ongoing training for leaders as they respond to the call to make disciples through continuing education and training opportunities in the form of specific seminars, forums and one-on-one coaching. 

Community Life Team

Rev. Scott Lees, Executive Pastor and Chief Ministry Officer

Tom Fuerst, Associate Director of Community Life 
Ginger Holland, Coordinator, Community Life Groups
Ashley Parks, Director, Special Needs Ministry, & Coordinator, Adult Ministries
Laura Greenwell, Community Life Ministry Assistant

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